Saturday February 28 1959

Horsham 9 - Edgware Town 1

Stillwell 4', 52' Mearns (3)' Owngoal (2)' Brister ' Browning '
Edgware Town
Thompson '

Corinthian League
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday February 28 1959

This was not a football match, it was a massacre! Poor Edgware looked like slaves being fed to the lions in the arena at Queen-street, while the crowd thirsted for more. It was an afternoon the Edgware side were unlikely to forget in a hurry and began when their goalkeeper‘s car had broken down. Centre-forward Tombs went to fetch him but neither of them arrived at Horsham and the rest of the side were 25 minutes late. The inexperienced Jack Morley donned the goalkeeping gloves and, as if that wasn’t enough, right-back Harrington was injured during the first half and spent the remainder of the game on the wing as a virtual spectator.

Horsham were on the attack at the outset with a lively ball and, within four minutes, they had scored their first goal. And it was all too easy. Dennis Stillwell received a John Chalaye pass and put it past the ‘keeper who made no attempt to save. Two minutes later there were cries of “oooo” from the crowd as the ball nearly bounced over goalie Morley’s head. It took nine minutes for Edgware to make an attack and even then the ball went way over the bar.

In the 14th minute Horsham scored a one in a thousand goal. A Chalaye shot went to the centre where Jock Mearns, with his back to the goal, flipped the ball into the net with the back of his head. By now Horsham were constantly on the attack, but it was not pretty football to watch. The forwards were forcing the ball through the middle rather than outwitting the defence. To add to Edgware‘s depression, the third goat was an own goal after Billy Bell’s free-kick was headed goalwards by Mearns and Edgware centre-half, Kent, nodded it into his own net when attempting to clear.

Two minutes later the ball was again in the Edgware net, this time from Keith Brister, but he was offside. Then it was Edgware’s turn to have the ball in the Horsham net but, again, it was offside. Five minutes before the interval, Edgware‘s right back Harrington was carried off the field with two long cuts down his right shin. As a result, the referee inspected Mearns’ boots and sent him off the field to change them.

Harrington bravely struggled back for the second half but he could hardly walk, let alone chase a ball. Seven minutes into the second half Horsham were 4-0 up when Stillwell followed up his own shot to score, after being first denied by Morley. A minute later Mearns missed an open goal but he soon compensated for that mistake. With a heap of players, including the Edgware goalie, scrambling in the goalmouth, Mearns beat Stillwell to the ball to put it over the line. Five minutes later, Mearns made it six with a long shot which went through the goalie’s hands. The seventh goal was another which would not have beaten an experienced goalkeeper. Stillwell swung the ball towards the goal and it bounced from Morley‘s hands, on to the upright, and into the goal.

Throughout the second half the ball hardly went near the Horsham goal where Ron Watson stood like at solitary sentinel in the sun. Another mistake by Morley led to Horsham‘s eighth goal when, in attempting to clear the ball, he kicked it to Stillwell who swung it over to Brister to score. Then came Edgware’s consolation goal, Thompson converting a spot-kick after John Browning handled inside the area. Horsham’s ninth and last goal was also from the penalty spot. Mearns was fouled as he was going in on his own, and Browning netted the resulting penalty. For the last ten minutes the crowd was greedy for the tenth goal and encouraged Horsham to make it double figures. It would have looked good on paper, and would have satisfied those who just want to see a football going into a net. But for those who wanted to see a football match this was a disappointing afternoon.



  • Ron Watson
  • Ron Hartley
  • Geoff Crowther
  • Billy Bell
  • John Browning
  • Roy Mobsby
  • Denis Stillwell
  • Gordon New
  • Jock Mearns
  • John Chalaye
  • Keith Brister

Edgware Town

  • J Morley
  • W Harrington
  • L Pendred
  • S Partington
  • B Kent
  • P Thompson
  • G Williams
  • C Richards
  • V Harris
  • J Morgan
  • J McDonald