Saturday January 2 1954

Dartford Reserves 0 - Horsham 0

Dartford Reserves
Matthews ' Watts(og) '
Kingston ' Elphick '

Metropolitan & District League
Watling Street, Dartford
Saturday January 2 1954

What a fiasco this match turned out to be. True, it was abandoned with twenty-five minutes to go, but the fog was so thick at the Watling Street ground that the referee should have called it a day at half-time. As the first half progressed the fog steadily thickened and at half-time neither goal nor the centre of the field could be seen from the stand. Typical of the farce of continuing play in the second half was when Horsham’s young left-winger Robin Stepney ran across to the Horsham officials on the touch-line and shouted, ‘We’ve scored.” For all that the spectators could see during that twenty minutes, a dozen goals could have been scored and nobody would have been any the wiser.

Just before half-time Matthews back-headed past Tony Winkworth to give the home club the lead, but that was the only goal the spectators saw. The second half goals were explained to the newspaper reporters in the dressing room afterwards. Apparently Dartford’s second came when Maurice Watts, deputising for Nobby Cobb at left-half, attempted to clear, but the greasy ball skidded off his foot into the net. “I can always say I thought the goal was in the other direction,” Watts said afterwards. Horsham’s first goal was credited to Peter Kingston who scored from a Johnny Elphick pass, and Elphick himself netted the equaliser after David Green had sent him through.

In spite of the gloomy conditions there was one bright spot for Horsham in that their deputy goalkeeper, 20-year-old Winkworth from Dorking, made a fine debut for the first team and towards the end he saved two penalties. Dartford’s inside-left Foster took the kick, Winkworth saved, but the referee ordered the shot to be taken again, and again Winkworth saved. It was all very frustrating for the Horsham spectators. All they could do was to wait for the messenger to come running back to the stand and say, “He’s saved both of them.”


  • Tony Winkworth
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Owen Parker
  • John Browning
  • Maurice Watts
  • David Green
  • Peter Kingston
  • John Elphick
  • Roger Christmas
  • Robin Stepney

Dartford Reserves