Monday April 26 1954

Tottenham Hotspur 'A' 2 - Horsham 0

Tottenham Hotspur 'A'
Dulin 15' Boseley '

Metropolitan & District League
Queen Street, Horsham
Monday April 26 1954

Up against a young Spurs’ side, bubbling over with keenness and energy, the strain of the recent glut of matches told its tale on Horsham on this Monday evening. Facing their sixth league game in eleven days, the local team was already showing the effects with Ernie Manouch out with a cracked rib, Albert King with blistered feet, Oliver Coldman with fluid on the spine and David Green with ankle problems. John Browning, who had received a nasty injury at Newbury, should have been out but came in at left-back to ‘make up the side’. Reg Charman, from West Chiltington, appeared at centre-half. The young, district league player put up a promising performance; it was his first appearance in senior football and he was up against a good centre-forward, yet he played good, constructive football. The Spurs’ ground passing was a joy to watch and the number of times they beat their man should have produced a bagful of goals. After fifteen minutes outside-right Dulin hit a pass from the left first time and, although Tony Winkworth dived, the ball was underneath him and over the line before he hit the ground. Towards the end the Spurs went further ahead when their centre-forward Boseley went through the middle on his own and flicked the ball past Winkworth.


  • Tony Winkworth
  • Jack Marriner
  • John Browning
  • Roy Mobsby
  • Reg Charman
  • Norman Cobb
  • Robin Stepney
  • Leslie Glue
  • John Elphick
  • John Redman
  • Ted Streeter

Tottenham Hotspur 'A'

  • Smith
  • Parry
  • K Barton
  • N Conroy
  • Farley
  • Gibbins
  • Dulin
  • Spivey
  • Boseley
  • Woods
  • B Iley