Monday April 19 1954

Horsham 3 - Tottenham Hotspur 'A' 1

Elphick ' Owngoal ' Glue '
Tottenham Hotspur 'A'
Parry '

Metropolitan & District League
Queen Street, Horsham
Monday April 19 1954

Although this was the third game for Horsham in four days, it proved to be the best. The young Spurs side made seven changes from the printed programme while Horsham made four, with Roy Lindfield coming in at right-back for his first appearance since January 1953. Horsham were a goal down after four minutes. Spurs centre-forward Parry headed in from a right-wing corner and, though John Browning got his head to the ball, he could not keep it out of the goal. Horsham were not taken back by this piece of bad luck, though, and continued to look the more dangerous raiding side, levelling the scores with a picture goal after fifteen minutes. Robin Stepney, who played on the right-wing, centred perfectly for Johnny Elphick to send a rocket-like header past Smith.

Then came the Spurs’ turn to have some bad luck. Left-half Conroy, with three Horsham forwards in front of him, had no alternative but to pass back to his goalkeeper. He completely misjudged the pass, however, and the ball trickled over the line well out of Smith’s reach. Horsham failed to stretch their lead just before the interval when Elphick saw his shot from a Stepney corner hit the underneath of the crossbar and rebound into play. The second half was only a few minutes old when Maurice Watts took a free-kick from the left of the penalty box. The shot travelled hard towards the Spurs goal and Smith positioned himself for the save, but at the last moment Leslie Glue just touched the ball with his head and Smith was beaten. Left-winger Bert Pope, with a header, and Elphick, with another hard shot, tested Smith towards the end, but Horsham did not increase their score.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Roy Lindfield
  • Roger Christmas
  • Roy Scutt
  • John Browning
  • Maurice Watts
  • Robin Stepney
  • Peter Kingston
  • John Elphick
  • Leslie Glue
  • Bert Pope

Tottenham Hotspur 'A'

  • Smith
  • Wilmott
  • Pitcher
  • Woods
  • Gibbins
  • M Conroy
  • Dulin
  • B Iley
  • Parry
  • N Farmer
  • D Milton