Saturday March 13 1954

Hastings Utd Res 5 - Horsham 2

Hastings Utd Res
Parks 2' Girling 58' Elliott 63' Huckstepp 85', 87'
Coldman 16' Glue 30'

Metropolitan & District League
The Pilot Field, Hastings
Saturday March 13 1954

Both Horsham and Hastings belied their positions in the Metropolitan League table: Horsham by playing an excellent game and making Hastings fight all the way, and Hastings by playing like a team nearer the bottom of the league than at the top, although they had included a number of first team players in their side. It appeared that Hastings came out expecting an easy game and it took them a long time to realise they were playing a good team with the will to win.

After Hastings’ first goal, which was the result of a neat move down the right-wing from which inside-left Parks scored after only two minutes, the Horsham defence stood up to a number of dangerous  attacks and did not begin to tire until well into the second half. The Horsham attack was very fast and tried all the time, but the fact they were leading by only one goal at half-time was proof they missed many chances. Throughout the game the forwards worked well together, the attack being ably led by Leslie Glue. Nobby Cobb at left-half, small compared with many of the players, was continually getting the ball and feeding the other forwards, and figured well both in defence and attack. Robin Stepney and Oliver Coldman, the right-wing pair, were always dangerous and took advantage of many of their chances, as was shown when, after sixteen minutes, Coldman got the ball when the Hastings centre-half Boon misheaded, and scored an easy equaliser. Horsham drew ahead after thirty minutes when the ball was lobbed into the Hastings goalmouth and taken by goalkeeper Ball who was fairly charged over the goal-line by Glue. The goal was allowed after the referee had consulted with a linesman.

The second half saw Hastings a much better team. Horsham, in spite of the fact they continued to try hard, seemed rather tired, especially the defence. Hastings had the wind behind them and attacked a great deal. After thirteen minutes Huckstep, who was always dangerous, sent a high pass over from the right-wing which outside-left Girling headed past Ernie Manouch. This was the beginning of the end, and although Bert Pope and Coldman did their best for Horsham they did not come close to scoring apart from one scramble in the Hastings goalmouth. Directly after this Girling got the ball, took it to near Horsham’s penalty area, centred, and, after one shot had been forced out, inside-right Elliott shot high into the net after sixty-three minutes. The game became more exciting, but neither side scored until the eighty-fifth minute when Girling centred and Huckstepp scored to put Hastings further ahead. Huckstepp added another two minutes later after receiving the ball from Parks near the centre of the field; he outstripped a Horsham defender, weaved past Manouch, and tapped the ball into the net.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Roy Scutt
  • John Browning
  • Norman Cobb
  • Oliver Coldman
  • Robin Stepney
  • Leslie Glue
  • David Green
  • Bert Pope

Hastings Utd Res