Saturday March 6 1954

Horsham 2 - Windsor & Eton 1

Stepney ' Owngoal '
Windsor & Eton
Fletcher '

Metropolitan Amateur Cup 1st Round
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday March 6 1954

When the Windsor team ran out on to the Queen-street pitch they were, according to one of their club officials, ‘quietly confident’ of a win. It was the first round of the Metropolitan League Amateur Challenge Cup and Windsor had held the trophy for the past two seasons, so they had some reason for confidence. But as their players slowly trudged off the field at the end of ninety minutes, their hopes had been dashed. Horsham had displayed their weaknesses, but they were as nothing compared to the glaring faults of the Windsor team. From beginning to end, but with a few moments of counter opposition late in both halves, it was Horsham’s match – in tactics, pace and everything else you could think of.

Horsham’s obvious superiority showed itself right from the earliest stages and was given a foundation in fact in the sixth minute by their young, hard-working inside-right, Robin Stepney. Bert Pope sent in a fine, low centre from the left-wing and Windsor’s goalkeeper, Bell, dived out to meet it. He succeeded in touching the ball but could not stop it rolling loose two or three yards from his hands, and there he lay as Stepney dashed in and sent it soaring over him into the net. Towards the end of the half the Windsor forward line woke up to their responsibilities for a time and it was the Horsham captain, Owen Parker, who killed their best chance of equalising. A well placed centre from the left landed right at the feet of the Windsor centre-forward, Davies, who was standing only a yard out. He quickly back-heeled the ball and it was lucky for Horsham that Parker was on hand to clear off the line.

Horsham’s second goal came their way without effort as the Windsor right- back Rimondi scored it for them. Nobby Cobb, who played excellently throughout, sent the ball twisting high into the air towards the goal. Bell leaped out and checked its flight but the ball escaped him and went to Rimondi who clawed the air in despair as his clearance went the wrong way and into his own net. Windsor’s goal came later in the half from Fletcher via a left-wing pass. Ernie Manouch was, as usual, thoroughly dependable in the Horsham goal and lived up to his deserved reputation in the last minute when he finger-tipped a bullet-like Davies header just over the bar.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Owen Parker
  • John Browning
  • Norman Cobb
  • David Green
  • Robin Stepney
  • John Elphick
  • Roy Mobsby
  • Bert Pope

Windsor & Eton