Saturday February 27 1954

Horsham 1 - Newhaven 0

Elphick 20'

Sussex Senior Cup Semi-Final
Woodside Road, Worthing
Saturday February 27 1954

This will never go down in the soccer record books as one of the best semi-finals of the Sussex Senior Cup ever played but Horsham thoroughly deserved to be meeting Whitehawk in the final. They deserved to be for two reasons at least: by having a solid defence that refused to be rattled; and by continually searching for goals in the face of a defence which had held the best in the County League. There was never any doubt at all as to how Newhaven had managed to get through the season with such a splendid record and, for the first forty-five minutes, they played better football than Horsham who were lucky to be one up at half-time. The goal came after twenty minutes when Roy Mobsby, playing at inside-left, sent the ball high towards the Newhaven goal. County goalkeeper Allen jumped to catch it as Johnny Elphick jumped for the header. Allen apparently anticipated the ball going in at a more acute angle, but, as it was, it brushed the side of the centre-forward’s head and carried straight on into the goal.

Newhaven had their chances in this half, but the sturdy Nobby Cobb, the lanky Albert King, and the bustling John Browning had the measure of the forwards. During the second half, Elphick’s injury of the previous week began to tell, and every now and again he swapped places with the wingers; first David Green came in the centre and then Bert Pope. But in this half it was all Horsham. The local lads, urged on by a large crowd which seemed mainly to be on their side, attacked and attacked, but the second goal was not to be. Ernie Manouch, playing as well as ever, dealt with the few Newhaven shots safely and time and again sent the Horsham wingers away with his clearances. All of the forwards on both sides had their chances of scoring and many times only Allen and Manouch were left to save, but more often than not the shots never went near them.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Owen Parker
  • John Browning
  • Norman Cobb
  • David Green
  • Robin Stepney
  • John Elphick
  • Roy Mobsby
  • Bert Pope