Saturday February 20 1954

Horsham 2 - Headington Utd Res 1

Elphick ' Stepney '
Headington Utd Res
Marriner(og) '

Metropolitan & District League
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday February 20 1954

Horsham put in a splendid display in this Metropolitan League game against the all-professional, second from top, Headington team. The visitors tottered at the beginning, crumbled in the middle and at the end of ninety minutes had completely crashed. Not only was this one of Horsham’s best displays of the season, but it also proved again that local boys can produce sparkling football. It wasn’t that Headington were bad but just that Horsham were in tip-top form. The only goal scored against them was put in by their own Jack Marriner and was an atrocious piece of bad luck.

Horsham forced a corner in the first minute and that seemed to set the trend of play for the rest of the game. There were very few breathtaking attacks by Headington and when their forwards did get a shot at goal they found Ernie Manouch straight in front of them looking as big as the goal itself. After a quarter of an hour Johnny Elphick scored a typical Elphick goal. Standing well up in the Headington half, he ran on to a ground pass from Bert Pope, swung round centre-half Jones, and crashed an unstoppable shot past former Pompey goalkeeper Humpston. Again and again Horsham attacked. Pope narrowly missed with a header; Oliver Coldman saw his shot miss by inches; and David Green sent two shots goalwards that would have knocked holes in the back of the net if Humpston had missed them. Then came the picture goal. Pope sent over a perfectly placed corner and Robin Stepney ran in to guide a splendid header into the net. It was beautifully timed and the young inside-forward could congratulate himself that his first goal for the senior side was one of the best of its kind seen at Queen-street.

Any Headington hopes of a Horsham collapse in the second half were soon knocked for six when, straight from the kick-off, Elphick put Coldman through and the winger’s shot was pushed wide of the post. Another Stepney header hit the crossbar and Green and Pope blazed away missing only by inches. Headington’s goal came midway through the half. Marriner passed back to Manouch who was out of his goal and the ball rolled past the goalkeeper and trickled over the line. Headington then went flat out for the equaliser, trying attacks from all angles, but the Horsham defence stood as firm as a rock. Towards the end Elphick received a nasty leg injury and spent the rest of the game hobbling about on the left-wing. Pope, who took his place, had also received a knock and was not able to force home so many attacks. Again John Browning was outstanding at centre-half and Owen Parker, who came in at the last moment to replace left-half Nobby Cobb, had one of his best games of the season. But all of the team played Well and if it was a case of handing out bouquets, nothing else could be done but to present one to every player.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Roy Scutt
  • John Browning
  • Owen Parker
  • Oliver Coldman
  • Robin Stepney
  • John Elphick
  • David Green
  • Bert Pope

Headington Utd Res