Saturday February 13 1954

Horsham 1 - Brighton & HA 'A' 2

Cobb 60'
Brighton & HA 'A'
Hollins 15' Bates '

Metropolitan & District League
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday February 13 1954

The slick, smooth display given by Brighton at Queen-street could have been mistaken at times for a performance by their ice hockey friends, the Brighton Tigers. But although it was pretty to watch it did not prove all that successful and the ‘A’s’ policy of trying to beat too many men nearly lost them the game. Horsham may have lacked the polish of their Albion rivals, who played nine professionals, but they held their own and once again they had their chances. In the second half their attacks were more frequent and stronger than those of Brighton and they should have forced a draw at least.

The visitors owed a lot to their centre-half Jennings. Times out of number he broke up the Horsham attacks and most of the time he had Johnny Elphick well marked. But in the first few minutes Elphick had a scoring chance when Oliver Coldman centred, but his header went wide. Bates, the Albion leader, had the first shot at Horsham’s goal, but Ernie Manouch was well positioned. Brighton never varied their close, passing game throughout the half and after a quarter of an hour they opened the scoring. Outside-left Bennett sent a high shot curling goalwards, Manouch punched away but the ball landed at the feet of outside-right Hollins who hit it first time with his left foot, giving the Horsham goalkeeper no chance. Horsham came close when inside-right Robin Stepney made a splendid attempt to head home from a Nobby Cobb centre. He chased the high ball and managed to get his head on it as he fell to the ground, but his effort sailed just wide. Towards the interval the same player sent over a good centre for Elphick to head in, but again the finish was misdirected.

After fifteen minutes of the second half Horsham equalised when Cobb sent the ball home from the penalty spot. This had the effect of increasing the home attacks and for the rest of the game Horsham were constantly in the Albion’s half. It was seldom they were allowed to shoot, however, and it was left for Brighton to net the winner. Bates collected a long clearance from goalkeeper Marshall, dribbled round a defender, and lobbed the ball over Manouch‘s head as he approached. Once again, full marks could go to Horsham’s defence. Roy Scutt played particularly well at right-half. Although handicapped by his slight build, the young player never seemed to worry about going into the attack and made good use of the ball when he cleared.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Jack Marriner
  • Albert King
  • Roy Scutt
  • John Browning
  • Norman Cobb
  • Oliver Coldman
  • Robin Stepney
  • John Elphick
  • David Green
  • Maurice Watts

Brighton & HA 'A'