Saturday January 23 1954

Arundel 1 - Horsham 3

Lee '
Elphick ' Pope ' Marriner '

Sussex Senior Cup 3rd Round Replay
Mill Road, Arundel
Saturday January 23 1954

Horsham progressed to the semi-finals of the Sussex Senior Cup,but it was a close thing as poor Joe Pescott, Arundel’s centre-forward, had the chance of knocking the Metropolitan League side out of the competition, but failed by missing a penalty. When the two sides had met the previous week at Queen-street Horsham were seldom worried and it was only their bad finishing that prevented the win. In this game, Arundel gave as good as they got and at times Horsham were outplayed. Horsham‘s forwards were again in poor form, missing most of their chances, often when they had an open goal a few feet in front of them.

From the kick-off it was obvious Arundel were going to fight like demons every inch of the way and it was also obvious within a few minutes that play was going to be robust to say the least. During the one hundred and twenty minutes the referee blew his whistle so regularly for fouls that spectators began to wonder if there was one ‘clean’ player on the field. Arundel started their attacks through Pescott who tested Ernie Manouch straight from the kick-off. One of his shots skimmed along the crossbar and only needed a right-winger in a good position to bang the ball home. At the other end Nobby Cobb, playing at inside-left, saw his shot rebound from the bar and Maurice Watts, at inside-right, brought Cassini to his knees with a powerful drive. Arundel’s attacks were persistent and dangerous and it came as no surprise when they opened the scoring after thirty-five minutes. Manouch saved well when he fisted out a shot from the left-wing, but instead of the ball being cleared it fell at the feet of right-winger Lee, who lobbed it straight back into the goalmouth with Manouch unsighted. Left-back Owen Parker made a brave attempt to head the ball away, but only succeeded in driving it further into the net. This was Arundel’s cue to increase their raids and, within ten minutes, Pescott was about to take a shot when he was brought down rather clumsily. The referee awarded a penalty, but the centre-forward shot wide of the post. The Horsham equaliser just before the interval came as a result of a bad piece of defensive play by Arundel. A miskick allowed the ball to come loose to the feet of Johnny Elphick and the Horsham leader scored from point-blank range.

In the second half there was a complete reshuffle of the Horsham forward line and Jack Marriner, injured in the first half, moved up from right-back to outside-right. Both sides had plenty of chances during this half, but on ninety minutes there was no further score. Bert Pope, who had moved to centre-forward, gave Horsham the lead in the last ten minutes of extra time. He snapped up a pass from Elphick, dribbled round a defender, and shot calmly to the left of Cassini. With only a few minutes to go, Pope sent the ball out to Marriner who lobbed in a shot from eight yards and Cassini was beaten again.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Jack Marriner
  • Owen Parker
  • Roger Christmas
  • John Browning
  • Roy Scutt
  • David Green
  • Maurice Watts
  • John Elphick
  • Norman Cobb
  • Bert Pope