Saturday December 12 1953

Horsham 2 - Guildford City Res 3

Cobb ' Browning '
Guildford City Res
McLeod ' Crisp (2)'

Metropolitan & District League
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday December 12 1953

Once again, it was the old, old story at Queen-street. Although Guildford City were fourth from top of the Metropolitan League table, and twelve points ahead of Horsham, the town club could and should have won their first league fixture with the Surrey club. Horsham again showed unsteadiness in front of goal and if only three of their chances had been taken, the result would have been fairer on the general run of play.

The referee drew the scorn of the crowd when he blew for a Guildford goal after thirteen minutes. It certainly looked to be an incorrect decision as Guildford inside-left McCleod appeared to help the ball through a difficult defensive patch with his hand, then run round and complete its passage into the net with a foot. There was an immediate uproar when the goal was given and the Horsham players ran to remonstrate with the referee who walked over to consult with the linesman. His assistant obviously saw nothing and the referee shrugged and allowed it to stand. Before this rather doubtful goal, Guildford had been saved at least three times by their goalkeeper, Stevens, who played an excellent game. Their moments of worry had begun with shots from Bert Pope and David Green, both of which Stevens held. Then he leaped to send another hard shot from Pope over the bar and caught a header from Nobby Cobb from the resulting corner.

Groans greeted a miss from John Browning in the thirtieth minute. He found himself facing Stevens only two yards out with the ball coming straight for him from Alec Ockenden’s corner. With almost the whole net to shoot at, he watched his effort sail well wide. The first Horsham goal came shortly after. Robin Stepney was brought down in the area by Tester and Cobb’s penalty went in off the bar. Then a Stepney-made goal was scored by Browning and Guildford’s Crisp beat Roger Christmas to kick the ball in over Ernie Manouch’s head for the equaliser.

The second half was rescued from dullness only on a few occasions. Both sides appeared tired, though Horsham had the better of the attacking action. It was a rare misjudgement by Manouch that gave the visitors their deciding goal. Left-winger Hawthorne centred and, though Manouch dived and got his hands to the ball, he could not prevent it from rolling loose and Crisp had the easy task of tapping it into the goal. Christmas deputised well at right-back for the absent Owen Parker and young reserve Roy Scutt justified his inclusion in the half-back line.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Roger Christmas
  • Albert King
  • Roy Scutt
  • Jack Marriner
  • Norman Cobb
  • Robin Stepney
  • David Green
  • Bert Pope
  • John Browning
  • Alec Ockenden

Guildford City Res