Saturday November 28 1953

Horsham 4 - Hastings Rangers 2

Elphick (2)' Browning ' Green '
Hastings Rangers
Bayley ' Haddon '

Sussex Senior Cup 2nd Round
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday November 28 1953

Everybody expected Horsham to win this Sussex Senior Cup second round tie against Sussex County League division two opposition, but they should have won it by a far greater margin as once again the forwards failed to find their form in front of goal. Horsham had to thank their dashing centre-forward, Johnny Elphick, for two more opportunist goals, but even he was guilty of missing a sitter. John Browning, who opened the scoring on twelve minutes, also missed several excellent chances. When Browning’s goal was equalised by the Rangers after Bayley had sent the ball through Ernie Manouch‘s legs, it looked as though Hastings were going to be a better match for Horsham than had been anticipated, but this turned out to be Horsham’s half and they soon had things pretty much their own way.

Elphick’s first goal was one of the best he had scored all season. David Green sent a hard shot goalwards and the ball rebounded off the crossbar. Elphick ran in, launched himself into the air, and his header completely beat goalkeeper Roberts. His second goal was a solo effort from beginning to end. He snapped up a loose ball and tore goalwards. As Roberts approached, he neatly flicked the ball to his left and it went in off the bottom corner of the upright. With this comfortable lead at half-time, Horsham had every chance of running up a big score, but in the second half they eased off the pressure and Hastings came more into the game. Only two goals were scored, with Green converting from four yards out for Horsham and Haddon scoring direct from a corner for Rangers. Horsham’s defence played well and the experiment of trying out Bert Pope and Robin Stepney on the wings was a success. Several times Pope showed some of his old form with his well placed centres and Stepney impressed in his first outing with the first team this season.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Owen Parker
  • Albert King
  • Roger Christmas
  • Jack Marriner
  • Norman Cobb
  • Robin Stepney
  • David Green
  • John Elphick
  • John Browning
  • Leslie Glue

Hastings Rangers