Saturday November 21 1953

Horsham 0 - Chelsea 'A' 1

Chelsea 'A'
Charlton 75'

Metropolitan & District League Cup 2nd round
Queen Street, Horsham
Saturday November 21 1953

Poor old Chelsea! The time those three words have been seen in soccer reports is nobody’s business, but the only reason we can say ‘poor old Chelsea’ this week was because they were up against Ernie Manouch in his very top form. The young pensioners, including seven professionals, tried everything they knew to beat the Horsham keeper, but he was too good for them, and the one goal they scored gave him no chance. But poor old Horsham as well. Goodness knows, they had their chances in this Metropolitan League Challenge Cup second round match but to score seemed the last thing they were capable of doing.

Johnny Elphick was the biggest danger to Chelsea but the rest of the forwards were never in it and John Browning, in particular, had a bad game. In the first minute Elphick was through for Horsham and one of his shots nearly beat Collins. This was followed up by a good movement between Browning, Elphick and Leslie Glue, and Chelsea gave away a corner. From this Nobby Cobb sent in a cracking shot which was headed off the line. Manouch was seriously tested after this but he dealt with every shot that came his way with ease. Cluroe missed a golden opportunity for Chelsea when a miskick on the Horsham goal-line left the net wide open, but he too miskicked and Manouch smothered the ball. Glue tried hard at the other end, sending in a hard shot from a David Green pass, but the ball skimmed by the upright. Just before half-time Brind seemed to have Manouch well beaten when his shot crashed into the back of the net, but the whistle had gone for offside. Straight from the re-start Browning missed a sitter. Coldman sent him clean through but his shot went by the post with the goal in front of him as big as a house.

The Chelsea goal, fifteen minutes from the end, was an unfortunate affair. After several good clearances by Manouch the ball came loose to Charlton. He sent in a fierce shot but even so Manouch seemed to have it well covered when at the last moment a Horsham defender got in the way and the ball was deflected into the net. Even after this, Horsham still had their chances and in the last seconds of the game Coldman had the ball at his toes three yards from goal, but he sent it wide.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Owen Parker
  • Albert King
  • Roger Christmas
  • Jack Marriner
  • Norman Cobb
  • Oliver Coldman
  • David Green
  • John Elphick
  • John Browning
  • Leslie Glue

Chelsea 'A'

  • Mike Collins
  • Alex Greenwood
  • Dick Whittaker
  • James Baverstock
  • Paul Berry
  • Brian Donaldson
  • Robert Payne
  • Malcolm Cluroe
  • Ron Tindall
  • Michael Charlton
  • H Brind