Thursday September 3 1953

Horsham 0 - Chelsea 'A' 0

Chelsea 'A'

Metropolitan & District League
Queen Street, Horsham
Thursday September 3 1953

Horsham finally gained their first Metropolitan League point of the season but it should have been two in a game of missed chances. In the first half the teams were well matched, with the young Pensioners playing slightly the better football, but in the second half it was all Horsham and they did everything except score. The crowd seemed content with the point, but the Horsham players must have kicked themselves for not making the score what it could have been. Apart from some atrocious shooting in front of goal, the main reason for this was the brilliant performance by the young Chelsea goalkeeper Collins. Time and again his quick thinking, clever anticipation and daredevil tactics saved his side when the rest of his defence was split open.

After about ten minutes, Nobby Cobb, playing at inside-left, tested Collins with a high, dropping shot, while at the other end the Chelsea centre-forward, Tindall, had Ernie Manouch tipping a shot over the bar. Bert Pope, who was responsible for many of the Horsham attacks, sent a scoring chance across the Chelsea goalmouth, but Leslie Glue in the centre sent his shot over the bar. Left-half Roy Mobsby held his head in grief when he missed a sitter from less than three yards out; there was an open net in front of him with Collins at the other end of the goal but his shot finished up in one of the private gardens in Brighton Road.

In the second half Horsham attacked repeatedly. Cobb was always in the picture and, when he was not having a go himself, the young forward was back helping the half-backs and starting attacks. John Browning, at inside-right, was well partnered by David Green. The winger was quick to seize his opportunities and repeatedly beat right-back Huckett only to see his shots well cleared by Collins. The chances seemed to come and go every few minutes and typical of Horshamโ€™s back luck was when Roy Wilden shot narrowly wide of the upright from a ๏ฌfteen-yard free-kick. The last fifteen minutes of the game was played in near darkness and miskicking was frequent as the match ๏ฌnished goalless.


  • Ernie Manouch
  • Owen Parker
  • Roger Christmas
  • Roy Wilden
  • Jack Marriner
  • Roy Mobsby
  • David Green
  • John Browning
  • Leslie Glue
  • Norman Cobb
  • Bert Pope

Chelsea 'A'

  • Mike Collins
  • T Hackett
  • Dick Whittaker
  • James Baverstock
  • Paul Berry
  • Alan Rule
  • Les Davey
  • Richard Wrigh
  • Ron Tindall
  • Michael Charlton
  • L Moir