The Hornets’ decline in fortunes during the early 1980s saw them no longer eligible to participate in the FA Trophy and were thus entered in to the FA Vase, a competition open for those clubs playing below Step Four of the Non-League system. Although the third round was reached in their debut season, Horsham crashed out in emphatic style courtesy of Leyton-Wingate whose 8-0 triumph became the club’s heaviest in the competition. There was some overdue success in the 1986/7 campaign when the last 32 was reached only to succumb to eventual semi-finalists Collier Row in a replay but, such was Horsham’s luck with this knock-out competition that even a victory went against them when Paul Crimmen’s ineligibility came to light after a 2-1 win over Whitehawk in 1990 and the club was expelled from the tournament.

Full FA Vase record:

1981/2 Hastings Town (h) 3-3 PR, Hastings Town (a) 3-2 PRr, Banstead Athletic (h) 2-1 R1,Becton United (h) 3-0 R2, Leyton-Wingate (a) 0-8 R3
1982/3 Brockenhurst (h) 1-1 PR, Brockenhurst (a) 0-1 PRr
1983/4 Peacehaven & Telscombe (a) 2-1 PR, Tunbridge Wells (h) 2-4 R1
1984/5 East Grinstead (a) 1-1 PR, East Grinstead (h) 5-1 PRr, Cray Wanderers (a) 0-2 R1
1985/6 Godalming Town (h) 1-2 PR
1986/7 Farleigh Rovers (h) 5-2 PR, Petersfield United (h) 2-1 R1, Greenwich Borough (h) 2-1 R2, Hertford Town (h) 2-1 R3, Collier Row (h) 0-0 R4, Collier Row (a) 1-3 R4r
1987/8 Crockenhill (h) 4-0 R1, Southall (a) 3-2 R2, Chertsey Town (a) 0-3 R3
1988/9 Eastbourne Town (h) 1-4 R2
1989/90 Oakwood (a) 1-0 R1, Hailsham Town (a) 1-3 R2
1990/1 Whitehawk (h) 2-1 Q1 Horsham expelled after fielding an ineligible player
1991/2 Cove (h) 5-1 PR, Oakwood (h) 1-0 R1, Littlehampton Town (h) 2-2 R2, Littlehampton Town (a) 1-0 R2r, Wimborne Town (a) 0-1 Q3
1992/3 Pagham (h) 2-1 PR, Banstead Athletic (a) 3-4 R1
1993/4 Lancing (a) 1-2 PR
1994/5 Worthing United (a) 4-0 PR, Cobham (a) 3-2 R1, Malden Vale (h) 1-1 R2, Malden Vale (a) 3-1 R1r, Tiverton Town (a) 1-4 R3
1995/6 Crockenhill (h) 3-0 Q2, Hassocks (h) 6-3 R1, Falmouth Town (h) 0-2 R2
1996/7 Farnham Town (a) 3-1 Q2, Ashford Town Mx (a) 0-1 R1
1997/8 Beckenham Town (h) W/O Q2, Ramsgate (h) 0-1 R1
1998/9 Canterbury City (h) 0-2 Q2
1999/00 AFC Totton (a) 1-3 Q2
2000/1 Pagham (h) 4-0 Q1, Egham Town (h) 3-1 Q2, Hassocks (a) 2-2 R1, Hassocks (h) 2-1 R1r, Herne Bay (h) 5-2 Q2, AFC Totton (a) 1-3 Q3
2001/2 Chichester City United (h) 1-3 Q2
2015/16 Epsom & Ewell (h) 3-0 Q1, Selsey (a) 3-0 Q2, Steyning Town (a) 0-1 R1

Key: PR – Preliminary Round, Q1 – 1st Qualifying Round, Q2 – 2nd Qualifying Round etc, R1 – 1st Round, R2 – 2nd Round etc.