FA Cup 1st Round Proper Replay 14th Nov 2023 โ€“ Horsham FC vs Barnsley FC

The club acknowledges the decision of the Football Association to reinstate Horsham Football Club in the Emirates FA Cup 2023/24 competition.

This follows the confirmation by Barnsley FC that due to an administrative error, they fielded an ineligible player in the First Round Proper away replay against Horsham FC, which Barnsley won 0-3.

Subject to the outcome of any appeal by Barnsley FC against the FA ruling, Horsham FC will now face Sutton United in the FA Cup Second Round Proper fixture scheduled for Saturday 2nd December at 3pm at their Gander Green Lane ground.

Commenting on the news, Club Chairman Kevin Borrett said: โ€œThe Barnsley Chairman Neerav Parekh contacted me on Friday 17th November to make the club aware of the administrative error and FA consideration of the matter.

“I understand the immense disappointment that this decision by the FA would be to both Barnsley Football Club and its supporters. On behalf of HFC, I wish Barnsley FC every success in their pursuit of promotion back to the EFL Championship at the end of the 2023/24 season.”

Horsham FC expect to be able to confirm Emirates FA Cup Second Round Proper ticket arrangements against Sutton United in the next 48 hours.

All Media Enquiries to:
Kevin Borrett, Chairman 07769 908136
Jeff Barrett, Director & Club Secretary 07712 888980
Matt Jones, Press Officer horshamfcmedia@gmail.com

38 thoughts on “Club Statement – Emirates FA Cup

  1. Red says:

    Fair play Mr B classy statement, from a Barnsley fan all the best to Horsham and I hope you continue to enjoy the ride – what a circus we are!

  2. Patrick Harrison says:

    Not the most satisfactory way to qualify for FAC2, but if that’s how its going to be, make the most of it.!! Maybe a Premiership club in the third round awaits

  3. Richard from Barnsley says:

    As a Barnsley fan who traveled down to your fantastic club I can only wish all the best against Sutton and fingers crossed for you and make to the 3rd to play a premiership club that would be amazing for you, how embarrassing for us to to get such a basic matter wrong and on the back of a 5-1 drubbing at Bradford last night you could be mistaken for thinking we are the none league team
    Just like watching peru come on horsham

    • Wayne McManus says:

      To be fair we (Bradford City) fielded our strongest side against arguably a Barnsley youth team. A drubbing was always on the cards?

  4. Steve Whewall says:

    Come on Horsham, deserved after your displays agin ureds.
    (BFC will come out of this stronger, I hope).
    You will have more support than Sutton on the day, even if in spirit ๐Ÿ‘
    Hopefully on the telly.

  5. Tony Dalby says:

    Great news! Fulwood and Broughton CC in Preston Lancs follows Horsham FC and wishes you every success in the 2nd round verses Sutton.
    Pleased we left the green and gold bunting up in the members lounge following the replay!
    Tony Dalby- President F&BCC

    • Simon Johnson says:

      As a Barnsley fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at yesterday’s news. Embarrassing and stupid, still shocked but hey life goes on lol.
      Genuine big good luck wishes etc to everyone down at Horsham. You are an absolute credit to non league football etc. Was going to follow your league adventures after replay, but now defo supporting you in fa cup too !!!!
      Hopefully you will get Sheffield Wednesday in third round and stuff em.

  6. David Hardy says:

    As a Barnsley fan of 60 years I am obviously shocked at the news today but wish horsham all the best against sutton in the next round I will certainly be cheering the team on and hope they continue on their cup run .

  7. Wayne McManus says:

    A very classy statement from the Horsham Chairman.

    But I do have some confusion about the decision to kick Barnsley out and replace them with Horsham. Exeter did something similar against Bradford a few years back and werenโ€™t kicked out. We were forced to replay the replay again.

    • Martin says:

      Exeter used 6 subs, thinking they could use 5 in normal time and another in extra time. Not seen it confirmed but it was suggested that the match officials said it was ok to do. The decision to replay seemed to be a compromise in a situation that wasnโ€™t as clear cut as the Barnsley mistake.

  8. Steve says:

    As a lifelong Red I am obviously gutted but will be hoping Horsham progress against Sutton and get a massive tie in Round three. Come on you Lardy Boys.

  9. Alan Smith says:

    I’ll be wearing my Horsham shirt with pride when you play Sutton Utd from a honorary Lardy Lad…Up the Hornets!

  10. David Quigg says:

    I look forward to either Horsham or Sutton in the 3rd round draw (be magic if it was Horsham). Hopefully get a PL away day.

  11. Tommo says:

    Though I am in no way a spokesperson for HFC, I am a fan of football, and non league football in particular. As a ST holder and fan of HFC, I would just like to add how unfortunate this episode is for all at Barnsley FC. I find it humbling to say the least that despite the disappointment this obviously is to all at Barnsley, you their fans, take the time to wish HFC well in our reinstatement and progress in round two of the FA Cup.
    In this day and age of football, with the many aspects of it’s negative side, you, the fans of Barnsley FC do your club proud. It was a pleasure to see so many of you at the Camping World Community Stadium and I’m sure that should we overcome Sutton Utd and progress to round three, we will be doing it for you too!!!

  12. Danny Cooney says:

    As Embarassing as it is for Barnsley FC, we are pleased for Horsham and the great club it is, somehow you deserved it from the start, we are being run like a tinpot non league club with a manager who is on borrowed time the way things are going, I am certain all Barnsley fans will be cheering you on and with you in spirit against Sutton so go on Horsham do it for yourselves and for your Yorkshire friends๐Ÿคž๐Ÿ˜Žโšฝ๏ธ

  13. Duncan Guthrie says:

    It’s very sad when clubs make these terrible errors, especially for the supporters of barnsley who have basically wasted there hard earned cash coming to Horsham for nothing now,
    I had the pleasure of talking to few of the Barnsley supporters in town last week,
    And all I can say is what a lovely crowd they were and don’t deserve what has happened to them.

  14. Brendan Lally says:

    Great news for Horsham.We deserve the outcome at Barnsley .Pleased that after your upset re Friday night game that you got ยฃ25000 for TV replay.Now even more.Chuffed for a small club.( Hope you cheer us on to a automatic promotion!)

  15. Edlin White says:

    Feel gutted for you and out of sheer respect for all Barnsley FC supporters if we win at Sutton we should dedicate the result to you at Oakwell and give you a โ€œshout outโ€ on the 2nd! Hope the rest of your season goes the right way for you and you get promotion in โ€˜24. All the bestโ€ฆ.and donโ€™t forget the LARD! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›

  16. David says:

    Fantastic to see so many positive comments from Barnsley fans. As a Horsham expat, an incredible opportunity. They couldnโ€™t, could they? Come on you Hornets!

  17. Nick the Tyke says:

    FAO Barnsley FC
    ^^ This is what a statement to your fans looks like.

    Here, Horsham… Don’t suppose your CEO fancies moving a few tiers up the pyramid and a couple of hundred miles up the M1?

  18. STEFAN GATWARD (Pompey) says:

    It beggars belief that, time and time again, we learn that an unregistered player is named in a team squad, or that a player has already played in the FA Cup that season, or is under suspension. It is time that professional football clubs were run on proper business lines. That said, Barnsley have behaved honourably, and Horsham have a golden opportunity to gain extra FA Cup exposure and, it is to be hoped, earn more funds.

  19. Philip Rouse says:

    I will be a Horsham fan when watching the FA Cup couldn’t happen to a better deserving team

  20. Reg Varney says:

    Good luck guys I hope you get a win and meet one of the big boys , spurs should be a good payday and not too far away. Barnsley fc your a total shambles end of story

  21. Al says:

    As everyone has said I feel deeply sorry for the Barnsley fans but equally so pleased for the Horsham fans. As a Sutton fan I know how fantastic these cup runs are for non league teams so it should be a fantastic atmosphere at Gander Green Lane.

  22. Dave Weatherall says:

    Good luck Hosrham – hope you get through to the 3rd round and get a big payday (away on a weekend!) . Class supporters. We have got what we deserve out of this.

  23. Alexandra Kilner says:

    As a Barnsley fan I’m gutted this has happened to us but on the other hand, I’m pleased for the Horsham fans who have been brilliant. We loved having you in our town and we will be cheering you on against Sutton.

  24. Edward Downard says:

    Wow ๐Ÿ˜ฒ what a shock com on hornets good luck ๐Ÿ€ at Sutton utd who knows 3round beckens justike whatching Peru very pleased for you all the very best to you all good luck sat game

  25. Steve Wilson says:

    Living 8 miles from Horsham but a lifelong BFC fan this is a mixed feeling day. To start, Horsham deserve there place following the findings. HFC, take the opportunity to enhance your club even further. You got mine and many others support. Create memories and a legacy. Best of luck.

  26. Paul S says:

    Massive respect to Barnsley fans that have come on & wished club well. The only other time I recall this happening was with West Ham about 20 years ago. Maybe a pre season friendly v them as a thank you. We ride again. Lardy Army.

  27. Alan Bloore says:

    We are obviously shocked and dismayed about the decision made yesterday. Cannot believe such a mistake was made by our club.
    We accept the decision, and it is made a bit better by the fact such a wonderful club with its supporters benefit from it.
    Hopefully, you can perform at Sutton as you did at Oakwell and then the return at your ground.
    Come on the Lardy Army do it for us as well as we will be supporting you from afar.
    All the Best from Barnsley FC Supportersโ€™ Trust

  28. Simon Johnson says:

    As a Barnsley fan didnโ€™t know whether to laugh or cry at yesterdayโ€™s news. Embarrassing and stupid, still shocked but hey life goes on lol.
    Genuine big good luck wishes etc to everyone down at Horsham. You are an absolute credit to non league football etc. Was going to follow your league adventures after replay, but now defo supporting you in fa cup too !!!!
    Hopefully you will get Sheffield Wednesday in third round and stuff em.

  29. David Hempstead says:

    Hugely enjoyed the trip to Barnsley, loved mingling with your fans, and it was great to be able to return the compliment at our place. I’m as gutted for you as I’m happy for us as a result of this mess. Whilst we’re spreading the Lard in Sutton, I hope you’ll be taking the next steps towards promotion.

  30. Neil Lomas says:

    As a Barnsley fan I have to say to go out of the FA cup like that is disappointing to say the least, it was a stupid error but hope you go on to win the cup.

    I do think we should have been allowed to replay you obviously at your ground but wish you all well your fans have been great.

    A good statement by your club you are a credit to football good luck in the cup and the league

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