We are delighted to reveal a fourth new signing in as many days, with exciting midfielder Doug Tuck becoming the latest player to join the Hornets ahead of the new season.

Doug arrives from Bognor Regis Town, where he racked up over 300 appearances in eight years at the South Coast club.

Having been at the club for such a long period of time, Doug admits it was a difficult decision to make. He said: “It was horrible. The worst decision I’ve had to make.

“I hate making decisions anyway but to tell a club where you’ve been for so long, that you’re going to be moving on, it was a bit emotional, and obviously it wasn’t the nicest conversation to have.

“But, at the same time, once I’d had that conversation, it helped me look forward to see what’s going to happen this year.”

On why he decided to join the Hornets, he said: “I’d been up here with Bognor in the final game before lockdown. It’s a lovely ground and, if you’re going to play on 3G, you might as well make it this one.

“It’s not that I didn’t want to play at Bognor anymore, it’s more, if you’ve been somewhere for eight years, you do kind of get a bit comfortable.

“So, moving on and coming up here, where we’ve already made some good signings, it was a nice thing to be a part of and helps challenge myself to see if I can do it elsewhere.

“I know a couple of people in the squad already, though I think I’ve only ever played with Gary, so it’s all new, but everyone seems so friendly so far and I think I fit right in, which is nice.”

When asked about what fans can expect of him on the pitch, Doug admits his diminutive stature may be the talk of the terrace. He joked: “Probably, they’ll look at me and think ‘Who’s that small 12-year-old in the middle of the park’?!

“But, really, passing is my game. Getting on the ball, trying to dictate play, trying to move the ball and get the team going.”

A Sussex Senior Cup title has been on many fans, and Dom’s wishlist for some time, and with a pedigree such as Doug’s in the competition, it could be a shrewd signing.

Doug scored the extra-time winner in the 2019 final, to help Bognor lift the trophy at the Amex, and Doug is hoping this is something he’ll be able to replicate at Hop Oast.

Asked whether it was an aim of his, he replied: “Oh yeah, definitely. Since I was at Bognor I’ve played in three finals, and got to three semi-finals, so hopefully I can bring that here.

“I didn’t actually score any other goals apart from the one in last year’s final so I couldn’t take much credit but my luck with it hasn’t been too bad, and if we can have a bit of a run in it, that would be nice.”

Moving on to his league aims, he continued: “With the players already here, and the new signings, minimum we’ve got to be looking at is play-offs.

“If we can get a run where we’re in and around the play-offs, and give ourselves a chance, then you never know what might happen. Even if you don’t go up, you still feel like you’ve achieved something as a team, so play-offs would be amazing at the end of the year.”

Welcome to the club, Doug!


  1. Darryl Jacobs says:

    Well that’s music to my ears again ! Another new signing coming in and saying ‘…minimum we’ve got to be looking at is the play-offs’ . Can’t wait for the start of the season, and looking forward to seeing you play Doug.

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