It with is with regret that Horsham FC’s youth section have been informed by the Mid-Sussex Youth Football League of its decision to declare the 2019/2020 season ‘null & void’. Having looked at a few different solutions, the League administrators decided this was the only fair way in light of the uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

For our squads at U14, U15 (Amber) and U16, who were on course to win all their divisional leagues, it is very disappointing but at these worrying times for families and friends, with the pandemic causing so much heartache, we need to remember that we have had a great season in our new home, The Camping World Community Stadium. And while things might not have concluded the way in which we wanted, there has been plenty of football played, new friends made, really busy Sunday mornings with supporters eating breakfast and watching all the squads play their matches. The teams will come back stronger next season.

The email sent by the League said:

The Management Committee wish to extend their significant thanks to you all for all the hard work that everyone has put in to continue to try and give the players football through what has been a challenging season prior to this pandemic from the re-arranging of games, moving of dates and venues, getting players to games and a great many of you being positively focused on getting the games played etc.

Whilst we have no doubt that many of you will have kept an eye on the tables and seen how many games have been/are left to be played we are also aware that the tables do not necessarily reflect all of the effort that has gone into arranging and playing of games for example County Cups/Re-arranged County Cups together with League Cup and Plates too.
Thank you for your understanding through these challenging times and we hope all of you keep safe.

The Arun & Chichester Youth League, as previously announced, concluded their programme by adopting a ‘points per match’ policy.

Thank You

We would like to thanks all the Horsham FC Youth section managers and coaches for their hard work, which has been amazing. They volunteer so may hours to develop the teams. The parents, guardians and supporters on the sidelines, cheering the squads on in all weathers, all our brilliant sponsors without whom our squads couldn’t run, the Horsham FC Committee, Board of Directors and 1st team manager and coaching staff who support the younger Hornets. Thank you to everyone.

Please all keep safe and look out for others who are struggling. To the players, as we go into another three weeks of lockdown, keep doing the social media challenges and your home training so we are ready for next season. We look forward to tackling the virus and moving on to season 2020-21.


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