With the latest decision to postpone all matches until 30th April at the earliest, we’re well aware that our supporters will be missing their regular fix of football.

In a small attempt to remedy this, we’ve put together four bite-sized compilations of some of this season’s goals for you to enjoy. Which one was your favourite? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Video 1 (Jul-Aug)

Video 2 (Sep-Oct)

Video 3 (Nov-Dec)

Video 4 (Jan-Mar)


    • Mark Wells says:

      That would be great, Richard, but not so easy when the camera’s down the other end of the pitch most of the time. Big ‘up’ to George Bentley, though, for a fantastic season

  1. clive williams says:

    Rob O’Toole v Lewis for me, although plenty of other good ones. the best goal I have seen anywhere this season was scored by Charlie Harris for the U23s.
    Good stuff in this boring but necessary time. keep up the good work and all stay safe. we will all be cheering on the boys soon.

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