Following a Meeting of the League Cups & Competitions Committee on 17th March, the following decisions have been made regarding the remainder of the 2019/2020 season.

Development Football: Age-Groups U7-U11

The season for these age groups was due to end on 29th March, apart from the Cup Finals at the U9-U11 age groups. Development Games scheduled for 22nd & 29th March have already been postponed, in accordance with Government and FA advice. These games will not be rescheduled.

The U10s have played their Cup Positional Play-Off games (to determine 3rd to 8th positions in their respective Cup Competitions). Cup Positional Play-Off games for the U9s and U11s will not be played.

Summary: The season has now ended for all Development Teams, apart from those U9, U10 and U11 teams involved in Cup Finals.

League Football: Age-Groups U12-U18

The season for League Divisional games at these age groups was due to end on 26th April 2020. Fixtures are currently suspended, in accordance with Government and FA advice.

It was the Committee’s unanimous opinion that the current situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid 19) would only worsen in the short-term future and, bearing in mind the national lock-downs now being introduced in European countries, further restrictions on sporting/social gatherings and travel would be introduced.

With the principle aim of protecting the safety of players, parents, managers & coaches, referees and supporters (and also the elderly and vulnerable people they would come into contact with after matches), the Committee have decided unanimously to end the League Divisional Games with immediate effect.

The Committee rejected the idea of making the whole season ‘null and void’, and so reviewed various options regarding the possible format for determining the Final Placings in each Division. It was decided, on a majority decision, to use the ‘mean average points per game’ format, ie you divide the points won by a team by the number of games played by that team, and then rank the teams in descending order (for example, a team that had 24 points from 12 games would score ‘2.0’ and a team that had 24 points from 10 games would score ‘2.4’ and be ranked higher).

This exercise has been completed and the Final Divisional Tables for the 2019-2020 Season are attached – see Appendix A.

Summary: The season has now ended for all Divisional games, and the Final Tables produced. There will be a trophy and individual medals for all Divisional Winners and medals for all Divisional Runners-Up.

Cup Competitions

  • The U13 and U14 Cup Finals have been played and trophies presented.
  • The U9 and U11 Group Stages of the Cup Competitions were due to be completed by 22nd March. Please see the attachment Appendix B for further details.
  • The U10, U12, U15, U16 & U18 Cup Finalists had already been determined.


It is the intention and earnest hope of the League that the outstanding Cup Finals will be played. The provisional dates had been set as follows:

29th March – U12s – now postponed. New date to be advised
5th April – U15s and U16 Div B at Worthing FC
8th April – U18 Final at Worthing FC
19th April – U9 Finals at Arundel FC
26th April – U11 Finals at Arundel FC
3rd May – U10 Finals at Arundel FC
TBA –  U16 Div A

All dates are subject to Government and FA guidance.

We have permission from Sussex County FA to reschedule Cup Final dates up until 31st May.

APPENDIX A (Final league tables)

APPENDIX B (U9 & U11 Cup competitions)

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