A sunny morning in Worthing and it was a fairly even first 10 minutes but once the pressure started from Horsham it was inevitable that we would go ahead. We were playing neat passing football with some lovely link ups between Adam Fitter, Max Fitzsimmonds, Sam Berry and Keylan Symonds.

A rare long ball went to Sam McMinn and the ‘keeper floored him, conceding a penalty after 22 minutes that Sam was able to put it away neatly to the left of the ‘keeper. Less than two minutes after the restart, Worthing conceded another penalty following a handball in the box. Again Sam calmly slipped the ball into the net, 2-0 to Horsham after 25 minutes. The sun kept shining and, with the ball ending up in the Worthing box so frequently, another goal after 35 minutes was justified, Fitzsimmonds managing to put away the loose ball that was pinging around the penalty area. At this stage Horsham had most of the play and chances and Worthing were running out of ideas. At half-time the score was 3-0 and Worthing were showing their frustration with some dissent with the referee and arguments among themselves.

Horsham started briskly in the second half and calmed Worthingโ€™s initial attack. The defensive line held strong and a few good saves kept the sheet clean. Two more goals sealed the win, another one from Fitzsimmonds and one from Harrison Hay, while Louis Symes put in a solid performance in defence to win Man of the Match.

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